Colleges and Universities

The Foundation provides strategic consulting services to professional educational organizations and higher-education institutions.  

Our main task is to enhance competitiveness of  Russian universities and colleges in the global and Russian markets of educational services and research programs. We help to identify growth points, to create new formats for strategic development. 

Universities seek our assistance in the following areas:

  1. — elaboration of the university development program, including identification of unique characteristics of the university strategic positioning  (the TSU case)

  2. — creation of new organizational  structures at the university, including strategic academic units  (our case – provision of support for establishment the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies SPbPU)

  3. — training of university personnel to ensure the international competitiveness of the university (our author's educational programs for advanced training of employees, designed to address  specific competence deficiencies of a particular university, the SUAI case, the School for Key Researchers, academic literacy programs) 

  1. — selection and formation of  teams for organizing work on  development projects implementation, provision of methodological support for the work of teams

  2. — development of strategic partnerships. 

We have developed continuing education programs for colleges, aimed at prompt addressing inadequate faculty and management skills in response to a changing landscape. Thus, educational programs implemented during 2020 included programs on working in the context of  COVID-19 pandemic, on artificial intelligence, digital skills and competencies, and on designing the creation of educational factories All participants receive state-recognized certificates of professional development.