The higher education market in Central Asia opens up new opportunities for SibFU

On December 23 the CSR North-West Foundation held an expert session to determine the prospects for Siberian Federal University and its institutions' development in the Central Asian region. Vice-rectors and directors of SibFU institutes took an active part in the session.

The relevance of the session is due to the challenges facing higher education: the reduction of federal funding, competition for applicants within the country, the need to ensure indicators in order to fight for leadership among other Russian universities. The answer to these challenges may be to enter new markets. The previously popular areas (Europe, America) are now closed, such areas as the Middle East and Africa require specific content for educational programs and are unpromising. In this case, the Central Asian region is a constantly changing market, but it has retained some connections and linguistic space.

Within the session, Stanislav Kiselev, head of the project direction of the CSR North-West Foundation, made a report on the education market trends in Central Asia.

Vice-Rector of NRNU MEPhI Natalya Sergeevna Barbashina spoke about the experience of NRNU MEPhI in promoting educational services to the Central Asia market.

As a result of two cycles of discussions of group work, SibFU employees presented their proposals for the dissemination of educational and research programs and future cooperation. Each group was able to develop at least 3 key areas of SFU in Central Asia, which are necessary to develop a strategy for international cooperation in modern conditions. All participants agreed that it is necessary to develop customized programs and use the strongest educational areas for development with industrial partners.

Leading sessions:
  1. Efimov Valery Sergeevich, Director of the Center for Strategic Research and Development, Siberian Federal University
  2. Sanatov Dmitry Vasilievich, head of the head office, partner of the CSR North-West Foundation

Group moderators:
  1. Kiselev Stanislav Borisovich, head of the project direction of the CSR North-West Foundation
  2. Godunova Elizaveta Aleksandrovna, project coordinator of the CSR North-West Foundation
  3. Kharitonov Mikhail Alekseevich, project coordinator of the CSR North-West Foundation
  4. Shamanin Alexander Yuryevich, head of the Department of Network Infrastructure Development and Data Analysis, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Director of Academic Relations, INCOSE RUS
  5. Shevchenko Sergey Yurievich, Associate Professor LINS, Deputy head of the department for scientific work, deputy. Director of the Center for Technology Transfer (CTT) Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"