«Industrial Artificial Intelligence: from laboratories to industry» conference was held on November 30

The conference was organized by the Association "Artificial Intelligence in Industry" with the support of Gazprom Neft, the research center "Strong AI in Industry", and ITMO University.

 At the conference, together with industry experts and university representatives, the participants discussed how industrial artificial intelligence is developing today; how businesses can become a qualified customer of AI projects; what projects have been successfully implemented by universities, which are scientific partners of the Association; what comprehensive research is currently being conducted jointly with Gazprom Neft.

All participants of the event received a state certificate of advanced training from ITMO University.

 Leading specialists and experts in the field of artificial intelligence made the following presentations at the event:
  • "On the Development of Industrial Artificial Intelligence," speaker - Timur Supatayev, Director of the Association "AI in Industry"
  • "Scientific dreams of business: how to make them come true with integrated research?", speaker - Alexey Shpilman, Scientific Director of the Association, Head of AI Development Programs at Gazprom Neft
  • "Gazprom Neft's Digital Technological Vision. The special role of AI technologies", speaker - Danila Zagorodnyuk, Head of Technological Strategy Programs of Gazprom Neft
  • "Ordering AI in research: methodology and current context", speaker - Dmitry Sanatov, Center for Strategic Research North-West
  • "Detection of anomalies in the operation of equipment by acoustic data", speaker - Zorin Ivan, AIRI Institute
  • "Recommendations for participants of multilingual events," speaker - Evgeny Pavlovsky, Novosibirsk State University
  • "Neural network analysis of satellite images", speaker - Alexey Sulavko, Omsk State Technological University
  • "Hybrid modeling for predictive analytics of gas turbine power plants," speaker - Sergey Nikolaev, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
  • "Controller for optimization of smart grids, cogeneration, and electric batteries," speaker - Ovanes Petrosyan, Center for Artificial Intelligence, SPbSU
  • "Complex thermal and ultrasonic non-destructive testing of composites used in hydrogen and nuclear power engineering," speaker - Vladimir Vavilov, Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • "Industrial automatic machine learning. Example of use for search of anomalies in pipelines.", speaker - Anna Kalyuzhnaya, ITMO University

Recordings of the speeches are available on the YouTube channel of the Artificial Intelligence in Industry Association. A photo report can be viewed on the Association's website.

 News about upcoming Association events are published in the "Artificial Intelligence in Industry" Telegram Channel