Strategic session on “St. Petersburg State Forestry University named after S.M. Kirov (SPbSFU) development programs"

Implementation period: 2017

The aim of the session – to identify SPbSFEU initiatives and strategic development projects, which have the capacity to attract external resources.

The session participants gathered to discuss the SPbSFEU current agenda, goals and ambitions in education, engineering, as part of its social and cultural activities, to identify key strategic projects and synchronize them to each other, as well as to define the plan of organizational steps required for implementation of projects for 2018.

The session resulted in elaboration of recommendations on directions and concrete steps for further development of SPbSFEU, among them:

– to reconsider the mission of SPbSTU in terms of its positioning for the forest industry and to adopt advanced research agenda , relevant for the entire forestry complex, including identification of the key areas of specialization of the university and launching projects on selected topics
– to modernize educational activities: to undertake a structural reform of the educational complex, taking into account the experience of top universities, to put forward flagship programs, attractive to the industry and applicants / parents and based on SPbSFEU strongest fields of study
– to ensure the development of an innovation ecosystem at SPbGLTU: to launch innovative projects on the basis of existing SPbGLTU facilities (botanical garden) in partnership with development institutions which would help to conduct business processes within the framework of the new projects.

Project leader: Natalya Andreyeva