What will industrial companies gain from the development of the metaverse?

The Center for Strategic Research «North-West» and the Youth Initiatives Support Fund of St. Petersburg, with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg, released an expert report «Industrial Metaverses».

This is the first report that examines the role of metaverse for Russian industry. The report defines industrial metaverse, examines the structure of the market and the possible evolution of industrial metaverse. This report may be used by the industrial leaders of digital transformation as well as other participants of this process including service companies, government bodies, science and education sector.

As part of the report, a review of world cases in the field of the industrial metaverse was carried out, among other things, in order to establish their significance for Russian industry. The authors were able to discuss the topic of the industrial metaverse with digital transformation leaders of Russian companies, including Gazprom Neft, KAMAZ, UEC, Nornickel and Concern R-Pro.

The key conclusion of the report is that although the metaverse remains a theoretical model for organizing the market of the future, this trend cannot be ignored, as this can result in the technological lag of the national industry. Therefore, Russia needs experimental projects in the field of industrial metaverse.

Full version of the report