Assistance and analytical support to SPbPU activities in the implementation of the competitiveness program

Implementation period: 2015

Project goal: Provision of consulting, analytical and administrative and technical support for the implementation of the SPbPU competitiveness improvement program, including establishment of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (IAMT).

Project objectives:

Development of recommendations for the implementation of the program to improve the competitiveness of SPbPU, with due regard to best practices in change management in Russian universities participating in the 5-100 project.

Provision of consulting support for activities of the basis of SpbPU university.

Elaboration of a concept for establishment of the SPbPU IAMT. Formulation of the plan of activities for implementation of the IAMT concept.

Organizational, technical and consultative support for the implementation of the part of the plan for establishment of the IAMT.

Key research findings:

It has been recommended to make the EC Center for Computer Engineering and STC Laser and Welding Technologies the nucleus of the IAMT.

The basis for successful work of the Institute is its active positioning: as part of a well-known university the IAMT represents a fundamentally new structure.

The focus is made on establishment of the IAMT as a flexible and adaptive institution, with an emphasis on: changing the model of interaction with industrial partners: attracting "professors of practice" from technology companies;project training; offering students the widest possible range of additional qualifications; international, inter- and transdisciplinary research.

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