New Energy

Beginning from 2018 the Foundation has been responsible for the implementation of measures to develop the EnergyNet - a National Technology Initiative direction,  and from 2019 the Foundation has been performing the functions of  the NTI infrastructure center in this direction.

EnergyNet  — This is one of the global markets of the National Technology Initiative, which was announced in 2014 by the President of the Russian Federation as one of the strategic directions for developing the country’s technological leadership. It is the first long-term program officially approved at the highest level for the development of technology, business practices, standards, and communities for the construction of a new technological paradigm in the electric power industry. It is a system of measures to improve legislation and remove administrative barriers to business initiative. 

EnergyNet’s mission is to achieve global technological leadership among Russian companies in the new markets of modern energy through the advanced development of digital practices for transforming the Russia’s power infrastructure. EnergyNet’s activities are based on the concept of the Internet of Energy.

The Internet of Energy is a cyber-physical infrastructure for information systems based on decentralized intelligent (robotic) control of energy systems, energy hubs, power supply systems and integration of distributed active energy consumers, distributed energy sources and energy flexibility. As part of one of NTI’s projects, a reference architecture for the Internet of Energy was developed — IDEA. IDEA (Internet of Distributed Energy Architecture) is a type of decentralized power system in which smart distributed control is implemented through energy transactions between its users.

From 2018 the Foundation performs the functions of the NTI infrastructure center

— LSI project development
— Organisation of events and promotion of EnergyNet NTI
— Analysis of the development state and directions of EnergyNet NTI markets