Concept development and support for establishment of a SUAI-based urban Boiling Point

Implementation period: 2019-2020 

Goal – to develop a concept and a relevant agenda for the new SUAI-based urban space as part of the Boiling Points network, contributing to the strategic development and implementation of the third mission of the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

Project objectives:
— Development of the concept for creation of the SUAI-based Boiling Point
—Development of a community map, provision of support for the formation of an ecosystem of communities interested in the development of the SUAI-based Boiling Point
— Development of a roadmap for events for one year. Participation in consultations on the area design at the university in line with the requirements of ANO "NTI Platform" and conforming to requirements of the main groups of stakeholders and potential users
—Development of the program for the opening and provision of support for the events of the program for opening of the Boiling Point – St. Petersburg. GUAP

To achieve the goal of the project the CSR “North-West” conducted a series of strategic and planning sessions with representatives of SUAI and urban communities, carried out a survey of SUAI students to collect feedback on wishes for interior solutions and Boiling Point events, held weekly meetups with the project's working group.

The following results were obtained during the implementation of the project: A target specialization "Professions and skills of the future" and 6 key areas of work for Boiling points: "Skills, professions and employment of the future"; "New technology and markets"; "Vocational guidance and navigation in the labor market"; "Self-realization among young people"; "New cultural geography" and "Ecology of lifestyle and urban environments" were identified.

A network of partner communities and organizations interested in the development of the SUAI Boiling Point was formed. A two-day program for the opening of the Boiling Point was implemented, and the innovative conference "Day of the Future", timed to coincide with the opening, was conducted. A variant of the Boiling Point Roadmap was developed, a number of events were held with the CSR "North-West" acting as an organizer.

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