about foundation

The world of the 21st century lives under conditions of uncertainty and is undergoing rapid transformation  How do we prepare ourselves for inevitable changes? How can we respond effectively to challenges of the future?

CSR "North-West" – analytical center – think-and-do tank.

The Center for Strategic Research North West Foundation was established in St. Petersburg in 2000. The founders of the CSR “North-West” were the Center for Strategic Research (Moscow), the Baltica Brewing Company,  Telecominvest OJSC, the Rossiya Bank OJSC and  the Granit Central Research Institute FSUE. The Foundation  was aimed at promoting development of  the subjects of the Russian Federation included in the Northwest region as well as securing strategic advantages of the macro-region in national and global economies.  

For over 20 years the Foundation has been providing research and consulting support not only to the Northwest region  but to other  Russia’s regions. The CSR NW has experience in provision of research and consulting services for over 60 Russia’s cities and regions. The Foundation  actively develops and maintains its international contacts. Among the CSR NW partners are organizations from Kazakhstan, Finland, South Korea, China, Japan, Latvia and Estonia.


— we conduct research in the sphere of economics, management and organizational development

— we elaborate strategies for socio-economic development, industries and sectors of the economy, scientific organizations and universities, business structures

— we design the future, implement human resources projects and talent management programs

— we organize global discussions on the topic of technological, economic, territorial and social development, invite the country’s best experts to participate in the events

— we provide expertise in science, education, industrial and technological development , public sector management


Professionalism: reasoned conclusions only, we rely on a comprehensive analysis of the issues and use reliable data only.

Understanding and support: our partners’ interests are of paramount importance for us. We try to be one step ahead, we offer creative but effective solutions for you to achieve greater efficiency.

Challenges and a progressive view on the future: we conduct analytical research to find answers to the global challenges of the future, using advanced methods of strategy-building and foresight.


— to conduct research in the field of strategic development of  the economy and society at the Russian and global levels

— to contribute to the development of St. Petersburg and the Northwestern Federal District

— to foster progress in the field of science and technology in Russia

— to connect people, experienced professionals, to address the current challenges in scientific, technological and social development

benefits of partnerships:

Experience in working with regional and federal authorities, understanding the specifics of Russia's development.

Networking and a developed network of business contacts. We have won the trust of federal ministries and departments, regional and municipal administrations, public and research organizations, higher educational institutions and business entities.

A team of dedicated professionals, a young dynamic team ready to take on new challenges without fear.