Seminar on implementation of the "Smart city" concept in the Rosatom state corporation host cities and towns

Implementation period: 2019

The general idea of ​​the project: promotion of the smart city ideology at the regional and municipal levels in Rosatom state corporation host cities and towns, as well as promotion of Rosatom experience in the implementation of smart city technology at the federal level.

The project was commissioned to the CSR "North-West" by Rosatom state corporation. One of the directions of the corporation's development is to improve the work with the regions. Rosatom is a large corporation, its assets are located in about 20 cities of the country, so it is concerned not only with enhancing its production efficiency, but also with various social and technological functions, necessary for the effective operation of a large industrial company.

Furthermore, Rosatom state corporation, its divisions and enterprises produce a wide range of devices and systems that can be used in smart city projects.

There is a certain lag or gap in the transfer of experience and new knowledge between the center and the periphery. So, to bridge the gap the corporation periodically conducts educational programs, including programs for regional officials.

One of such programs was a seminar organized by the CSR "North-West". The seminar consisted of two parts:

Smart technologies for nuclear cities and towns: how markets develop, what cities should invest in, and what is included in the   basic “gentleman's set” of technologies for towns that are just beginning to enter a “smart city” and have limited budgets

Effective models for improving urban environment.  Improvement is closely linked with smart city solutions: it is impossible to make a city efficient as long as it remains dirty and uncomfortable. It will not be an attractive place to live in and skilled people will tend to move away.

The seminar brought together participants from several cities, from Murmansk Oblast to West Siberia.