6th International Innovation Forum “Digital Transformation. Opportunities for cities" in Zheleznohorsk – 2017

Implementation period: 2017

The 2017 Forum was held for the sixth time and was dedicated to the topic of the digital economy and the opportunities it creates for modern cities and their residents. The forum participants discussed the key challenges of digitalization, priority areas and digital transformation projects for cities. Participants of the event focused their particular attention at trends and development prospects of the Closed Administrative Territorial Units (ZATO) of the Nuclear Industry.

The key topics of the forum included: smart city, digital technology solutions for cities, human resources for the digital economy, urban environment and spatial development, digital medicine.

Among over 1,100 participants  registered for the Forum  were not only invited speakers but also residents of Zheleznogorsk and students of Krasnoyarsk universities. The forum was attended by over 80 experts, among them — more than 20 invited federal experts, including representatives of federal authorities, development institutions (Skolkovo Foundation, RVC JSC, Center for Strategic Research Foundation, Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation), heads and representatives of ZATO and nuclear industry host cities.

On December 1, nine open lectures were held on mass professions of the future. Leading experts spoke about global technology trends and new competencies, professions and approaches to the work process related to these trends. The topics of the lectures included advanced manufacturing technologies, the Internet of Things, robotics, biotechnology, and cognitive professions.

The plenary session “Opportunities for digital transformation for cities and their residents” was held on December 2. The session was attended by representatives of the Krasnoyarsk Krai, heads of closed administrative territorial administrative units, federal and regional experts, representatives of business and development institutions. The key topic of the discussion was the issue of the future of Russian cities in the context of the digital transition and opportunities for the urban economy to acquire a new technology platform.

The business program of the forum included 10 discussion events, among them:

•         Round table “Priority social and economic development area in Krasnoyarsk Kray: Zheleznogorsk, Zelenogorsk - opportunities and directions for the development of the area"
•         Round table "Intermediate results of the foresight of nuclear industry host cities"
•         Seminar “Strategic Role of Closed Administrative Territorial Units. Monitoring results. Modernization of legislation”
•         Discussion "Smart city as a realistic concept"
•         Round table "Engineering education in the digital economy"
•         Round table "Regional high-tech consortia"
•         Round table "Specifics of the implementation of urban environment projects in towns and medium-sized cities"
•         Round table "Digital Earth"
•         Strategic planning  session "Federal experimental site as a foothold in the  process of transition to a new model of territorial public health management"
•         Panel discussion "The territory of ZATO Zheleznogorsk as a federal experimental platform for development of health technologies and active health management"

18 Russian and foreign companies presented their solutions for a "smart" city at the exhibition of advanced technological solutions for cities, conducted on December 2.

The forum program also featured 3 master classes on the implementation of urban development projects: holding hackathons based on urban data; implementation of environmental and creative projects; living laboratory "Creation of cultural facilities in ZATO by the method of design thinking".

2 memorandums on establishment of "Smart city" of ZATO Zheleznogorsk: development and implementation of digital technologies in the field of urban management" and "Testing ground for search and rescue technologies within the Aeronet direction of the National Technology Initiative" consortia  were signed at the forum, as well as the agreement on strategic partnership between PJSC Rostelecom and “Cluster of innovative technologies of ZATO Zheleznogorsk”.

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