Digital transformation of KAMAZ PTC

Implementation period: 2017 

The automotive industry and the entire transport and logistics industry are about to undergo profound changes that claim the paradigm shift status.  Global geopolitical instability, declining profitability in mature industries, the unfolding industrial revolution and the development of a wide range of "disruptive technologies" present global OEMs with a range of market and technology challenges.

KAMAZ PTC, as the leader of the Russian automotive industry, responds in a timely manner to the challenges of digitalization and implements a pool of initiatives related to the introduction and development of digital technologies. The CSR “North-West” Foundation provides the company with consulting and educational support for the digital transition, and also provides networking in the field of digital solutions (selection and negotiations with Russian and foreign IT developers and vendors).

The project included:

Strategic Planning Session "Digital Transition" (October 2017)

A wide range of issues related to digital transition was discussed at the session and the most advanced digitalization solutions for the automotive industry were presented (from General Electric, PTC, Siemens, etc.). As a result of the session, the main goals, objectives and problems of the company's digital transition were set forward and the main technological and business areas of digitalization projects were identified.

The educational program "Digital Transition", implemented in partnership with the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo:

4-day intensive course for the top management of the company (January 2018).  During the program, Russian and foreign vendors (General Electric, Siemens, Mail.Ru Group, etc.), representatives of global automotive and engineering concerns implementing digital strategies transformations, representatives of the transport industry made their presentations to the company. The educational program resulted in identification of key areas in which the implementation of digital projects is essential.

Selection module of the educational program for the mid-level management of the company (March-May 2018). During selection of the program participants, a mass survey of the employees of KAMAZ PTC was conducted (audit of digital competencies. During the face-to-face project session, the company's employees elaborated a number of projects supported by the management and recommended for inclusion in the corporate accelerator program.

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