Summer School "Projects for changes in colleges in modern conditions"

Implementation period: 2020 

The summer school “Projects for changes in colleges in modern conditions” was prepared by the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” Foundation with the support of Corporate University of St. Petersburg. Participants of the Summer School familiarized themselves with the realities and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and learned how to organize educational activities under the new conditions safely and efficiently. Through the program the teams of St. Petersburg colleges will not only not lose their effectiveness under current restrictions, but will also get impetus for their development. Adaptation to current and future restrictions requires new skills and knowledge from organizational teams.

The program is aimed at helping colleges:

To start a safe educational process in the 2020/2021 academic year
To create a plan for transition to the flexible online and offline teaching mode
Formulate directions for adjusting educational programs in accordance with the current economic situation.
To prepare teams for implementing programs for changes in their colleges.

The main topics of the program:

COVID-19 prevention and control measures for colleges
Organization of hybrid learning (online + offline)
Preparation of projects and formation of development teams in post-COVID conditions ("headquarters groups").

Results of the program for colleges:

Assessment of readiness for opening in the context of COVID-19: entry and/or exit testing, the results of which are available to the college management
New corporate standards,
Roadmaps for the transition, including the plan for training and retraining of students and teachers,
Knowledge that will help to shape internal policies and new standards of activity
The team of change makers - a team capable of implementing a roadmap, introducing new standards and policies, as well as training all employees of their college using the program materials.

Results of the program for individual participants:

Ability to use key modern rapid design techniques: audit and self-diagnosis, road mapping, creation of a bank of ideas and their prioritization,
Knowledge of digital tools for group project work,
Understanding of post-COVID conditions in the field of vocational education,
Advanced training certificate.

Marina Lipetskaya
Director, partner

Руководители проекта