The first seminar of the association "Artificial intelligence in industry" was held in 2022

The topic of the seminar was "The science and technology agenda in AI under sanctions".

There were five speakers at the seminar:

Sergey Vladimirovich Astakhov, with the topic "Risks and threats of lagging behind global fronts in artificial intelligence research";

 Aleksandr Valerievich Bukhanovsky, with the topic "How will the scientific agenda in AI change for Russian researchers?";

Mikhail Alexeyevich Kharitonov, with the topic "Impact of sanctions on the AI hardware market in Russia";

Natalia Vladimirovna Andreeva, with the topic "Material Science Basis of Memristive ECB for Hardware Implementation of Computer Architectures Based on In-Memory Calculations"

Oleg Alexandrovich Telminov, with the topic "Domestic element base and software for the implementation of neural network solutions".

A short summary of speakers' presentations:

▪ There are risks to limit access to AI technologies, information resources and partner programs

▪ There are risks of lagging behind the research frontier (reduced publication activity, loss of position in applied research)

▪ The new reality is an opportunity for the growth of AI as a tool for reengineering in the real sector of the economy and as the basis for ensuring a new global security system

▪ Stopping the supply of chips for AI jeopardizes the development of domestic AI, as Russian developers have no analogues

▪ According to the estimate of the CSR North-West Foundation, access to semiconductor imports could be reduced by more than $1 billion - up to 50% of the total 2020 volume.

▪ Memristors are one of the promising areas of AI hardware, which are being developed by SPbGETU #LETI, #MFTI, JSC NIIME and others.

After the presentations of the speakers, a discussion was held with scientists about the future development of Russian AI in the context of sanctions, about further directions of fundamental and applied research.

You can watch the recording of the seminar on the YouTube channel of the CSR North-West Foundation.

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