The foundation released an expert report on "Artificial Intelligence in industry".

Artificial intelligence, in the opinion of the authors of the report, is a breakthrough technology of the economy that can play a crucial role in the development of Russian industry. In the report, the specialists of the Foundation, together with leading experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, considered the risks of the development of the AI industry in the current environment, assessed the impact of AI on the modern technological mode and modes of production, identified the necessary measures to launch AI hardware and software reengineering programs, and also outlined the position of St. Petersburg as a center of expertise in artificial intelligence.

An important part of the work was the interaction with the research community. The experts of the report were scientists from Peter the Great SPbPU, ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg State Technical University "LETI", Higher School of 

Economics, MIPT, Moscow State University, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, University of Leicester (UK), SPb FITs RAS.

We were able to identify the main factors for the development of advanced artificial intelligence technologies in Russia: market drivers, frontier challenges, hardware, and software risks.

The scientific editors were:

А. V. Bukhanovsky, Ph.D., Professor, Scientific Director of the Research Center "Strong AI in Industry" of ITMO University

L. V. Utkin, Ph.D., Professor, Director of the Institute of Computer Science and Technology, SPbPU Peter the Great

The authors are I.E. Vaseev, E. Godunova, D. Sanatov, M. Semenova, M. Kharitonov.

The report was prepared jointly with Foundation for Support of Innovations and Youth Initiatives of St. Petersburg and Association "Artificial Intelligence in Industry" with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg.

The preparation of the report took place within the framework of the Foresight "Frontiers in New Sciences" project. The report is available on the Foundation's website.