CSR North-West took part in the project-educational intensive "ARCHIPELAG-2022”

On July 7, the Foundation "CSR North-West" took part in Project-Educational Intensive "Archipelag-2022".

"Archipelag" is an annual project-educational intensive for individual participants, startups, regions and universities that develop projects in the field of new technologies. The event includes an educational and business program, as well as a project gas pedal.

On behalf of the CSR North-West Foundation, analyst Elizaveta Godunova made a presentation on the topic "Task Formulation for Reengineering of the Technology Chain in Satellite Manufacturing: The Case of S. P. Korolev University in Samara".

The main theses of the presentation were:

- Russian companies have already been replacing foreign equipment with domestic equipment at some satellite production sites;

- Despite the high pace of import substitution in Russia, technological sovereignty has not been achieved in any of the production cycles;

- the use of foreign equipment in the space industry leads to higher procurement prices and to the cessation of supplies;

- bottlenecks in the technology chain: element base, software, production equipment

- one of the main factors in assembling a technologically autonomous chain and product is fixing the list of front-end engineering tasks and their technological parameters;

- organization of a modern digital factory is the most important condition for the creation of modern spacecrafts;

- one of the tools for transition to the next generation of production systems is reengineering;

- reengineering of technological chains and their nodes depends on the active participation of Russian companies and institutes.
The organizers of the event, which takes place in person from July 5 to 20 in Sevastopol, are the ASI, the government of Sevastopol, the National Technology Initiative Platform (NTI), University 2035 and the NTI Projects Support Fund