Representatives of ITMO and SUAI universities discussed the prospects of cooperation in artificial intelligence

On August 31, a meeting was held, during which representatives of IT departments of St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) discussed the directions of the university development in the field of artificial intelligence with colleagues from the ITMO University and the North-West CSR Foundation. A special attention of the meeting was drawn to the issues of possible involvement to the GUAP projects of the competences and experience of the National Center for Cognitive Research. Boukhanovsky Alexander Valerievich, the head of the NCKR, who took part in the meeting on the part of ITMO, expressed his thoughts about the forms of cooperation and confirmed his readiness for interaction. The delegation from GUAP was headed by Tatarnikova Tatiana Mikhailovna, Director of the Institute of Information Technology and Programming.

The meeting was organized by the Center for Strategic Research "North-West" Foundation. In the future, the Foundation with ITMO and the association "Artificial Intelligence in Industry" will develop a plan for a win-win partnership between the two universities in the field of AI. The main goal of the plan is to accelerate GUAP's training in AI technologies, promote the search for the university's own unique niche in this market, and also ensure the formation of a strong partnership between the two universities in special areas of AI applications (aerospace instrumentation, Earth remote sensing, image processing and other areas).

ITMO and SUAI are members of the Artificial Intelligence in Industry Association.