Design of joint initiatives of the consortium of technical universities of Tatarstan

On 23 and 24 August, Kazan hosted a strategic session with leading technical universities of the Republic of Tatarstan – KNRTU, KAI and KSPEU. The session was attended by university rectors Edward Yunusovich Abdullazyanov (KSPEU), Timur Lazovich Alibayev (KAI) and Yuri Mikhailovich Kazakov (KNRTU), pro-rectors, institute directors, active participants in the strategic development of universities, as well as an industrial partner - representative of SIBUR Holding. More than 70 participants in total.

Expert speeches at the session were delivered by: Lilia Sklyar, head of project area of CSR “North-West", with a presentation on the main points of the report «Advanced Chemistry»; Marina Khodyreva, analyst at the CSR “North-West”, with a presentation of the main provisions of the report "Green transition in industry and cities”; Artem Boev, director of the TPU Engineering School of Natural Resources, with a presentation on the experience of the university’s interaction with industrial partners; Elvira Rebko, head of St Petersburg Corporate University, with a presentation on the regional league of universities in St Petersburg.

The session was held to formalise cross-university strategic initiatives. They are aimed at the implementation of more ambitious goals and objectives, for which the efforts of each university separately would not be enough. The formalization of joint strategic initiatives also opens up new negotiating positions for universities with business and the region.
As a result of the work of the four thematic groups, the session defined the key parameters of the strategic initiatives and outlined the first steps for their launch. The next step is to draw up and agree on a joint action program for universities.

Session moderator - Dmitry Sanatov
Group Moderation - Elena Tibina, Ilya Vaseev
Session coordination - Alexander Purgin

Photos provided by the press center of KNRTU