Elena Tibina

Head of
project manager

Elena Tibina


Graduated from St. Petersburg Peter the Great Polytechnic University, Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade in 2016.

Master's degree in Management with a focus on "International Business Development".

She joined the Foundation in February 2016. 

Since 2017. - Project Manager of the Foundation

Since 2020. - Head of the project area 

Participated in the development of strategic and program documents of Russian regions (St. Petersburg, Sakhalin Region, Tomsk Region), strategic consulting projects of Russian universities (SUAP, SPbPU'Politech, SPbGMTU, SPbGLTU, TSU), corporations (Pharmaceutical Company Bosnalek, PJSC KAMAZ). She supervised scientific and technological foresights for NRC Kurchatov Institute and TSU. Organizer of the forum "Digital Transformation. Urban Opportunities" and the Youth Research Intensive "Smart City + Digital Solutions" in Zheleznogorsk. In 2020 managed projects of updating the Strategy of the Tomsk region, the creation of CIC in the Tomsk region and the Republic of Tatarstan, the development concept of tourism development of St. Petersburg until 2030.

Professional interests: Organizational Design and Development; Regional Development Strategies; Science and Education; Human Capital Development