NRNU MEPhI Development Program

Implementation period: 2015 – until present 

Project goal – to enhance competitiveness of NRNU MEPhI in the global and Russian markets of educational services and research programs.


1. Elaboration of recommendations on development of scientific, innovative and educational infrastructure of the university, formation of industrial partnerships and research competencies.
2. Expert and methodological support for elaboration of strategies for development of the group of pilot centers of excellence at MEPhI.
3. Elaboration of the list and concept of implementation of forward-looking projects for the development of the university.
4. Analytical, expert and organizational support for the set of strategic industrial-oriented projects of the StrAU and other departments of the University.
5. Elaboration of proposals for a unified development program for NRNU MEPhI and development of mechanisms for the implementation of the concept of the NRNU MEPhI.
6. Consulting support of NRNU MEPhI in the design of legal and methodological materials for establishment of the STIC.

As part of the project, CSR North-West provides support to NRNU MEPhI in the field of strategic development and organizational transformation of the university. Over 20 strategic planning events on development of the university and individual strategic academic units were held. The Higher Engineering School of NRNU MEPhI – flexible master degree educational programs for training specialists in the sphere of life cycle management of complex technology systems and objects was established. The concept for Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Kaluga Oblast on the basis of the NRNU MEPhI in the city of Obninsk was developed and the application for its establishment was submitted within the framework of the implementation of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 216 dated July 29, 2017. A draft of a single development program for NRNU MEPhI has been elaborated. A series of educational events in the sphere of the development of new competency models for experts and academic staff was held together with the International Scientific and Methodological Center of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI .

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