Digital transformation center (partnership of CSR “North-West” with Moscow school of management Skolkovo—Atomstroyexport)

Implementation period: 2017-2019  

Main idea of the project – to launch the training in digital technologies and management system in the context of digitalization for top management and middle management of Russian companies.

The project consisted of several components:  

Training in the form of project seminars, attended by lecturers from all over the world, from the United States to China and aimed at providing Russian companies with a channel for transferring best practices in the sphere of digitalization. 

Research work – to get a better understanding of profound changes taking place in digital transformation, to understand how strongly some of the changes can affect the restructuring of the market and, as a result, of particular companies. 

The research was largely focused on several areas: 

– Connected objects, digitization of large engineering structures such as a production line, an airplane, an automobile, an airport 

– Operation management in digital environment: how repair and maintenance services are developing in a digitalization environment, how data collection from an automated facility is organized, how its life cycle is extended and its life cycle management is provided 

– Demand management and interaction with customers. It is associated with the necessity to establish contact with a customer and receive quality information from him, necessary for the development of the product. This includes various forms of feedback that include the end user

– Consulting in the sphere of technology upgrade of Russian companies and the development of specific competencies, such as engineering or data management 

The project also addressed the issues of engineering and transition to end-to-end digital engineering models, which make it possible to take into account changes, that are occurring at the facility, practically in real time. This area includes, for example, creation of digital twins, 3D models, digital company management, supplier relations, global supply chain management.

A cross-cutting topic for all areas is platformization, creation of digital environments for data management that provide higher efficiency in the creation of digital products, opening up new cooperation opportunities for business partners. More than 100 managers of the largest corporations were trained in the process of project implementation. 

The result obtained in the area of consulting and project management was the emergence of several real projects presently being implemented in major corporations such as KAMAZ, United Construction Company, Atomstroyexport. The project was carried out by the Digital Transformation Consortium, which included three main players: Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, that specializes in personnel programs for management, the Center for Strategic Research “North-West” (research and consulting), and Rosatom represented by Atomstroyexport, one of the largest engineering companies in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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