Inter-university IT-campus in Samara

On 26 July, the Foundation team held a strategy session to discuss the prospects for establishing an international inter-university IT campus in the Samara region.
Prior to this, a concept for the campus had been developed with the help of experts from CSR “North-West”. Dmitry Sanatov, head of the main office and partner, Elena Tibina and Ilya Vaseev, heads of project areas of CSR “North-West”, as well as the Fund's analytical group, Alexander Purgin, Nadezhda Petukhova, Elizaveta Godunova and Maria Semenova, took part in the development.

The Samara Region IT Campus is a third-generation campus. It will provide training and research that are in demand as part of the large-scale digitalization processes of industry - space, engine building, railway industry and others present in the Samara region and nearby regions. The territory of the future campus is built into one of the cluster complexes of the Samara Arena project. The campus is being created on vacant land and is designed as an advanced district of Samara.
The work was carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Samara region, ANO “IRR”, universities and other organisations of the region's innovation sector. The developed concept will be used when submitting an application to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science's world-class campus projects competition. 

Session moderator - Dmitry Sanatov
Group leading -Elena Tibina, Ilya Vaseev